Introducing the World's Most Advanced Therapy Lasers

The new Platinum Series™ and H1 Class IV therapy lasers by K-Laser USA are the world's most advanced therapy lasers. See for yourself how they deliver expert clinical treatments, an unparalleled user experience and innovative practice success tools.

Class IV Therapy Laser Lineup
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Science behind K-Laser's Class 4 therapy lasers' ability to increased circulation and reduced inflammation and pain

The Science

Our therapy lasers deliver specific red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light to induce a photochemical reaction and therapeutic effect. Physiological effects of photobiomodulation include increased circulation, reduced inflammation, pain reduction and enhanced tissue healing. Class IV therapy lasers have been used in Europe since the 1970s and were cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2005.

Discover how our lasers deliver the best clinical results using the world's most advanced scientific research.
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Laser Therapy Success Program

SPECTRUM provides all the tools you need to truly discover the full potential of Class IV laser therapy in your practice.  From onsite training, to step by step staff training videos, to a expansive resource library of marketing assets; K-Laser USA delivers the most effective implementation strategy in the industry.

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Laser Therapy Implementation Guide

K-Laser USA has successfully launched laser therapy in countless practices for over 10 years.

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"I couldn’t be more pleased! From the training, to the customer support, to results, K-Laser USA’s been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my practice.” – Dr. Elder

Frequently Asked Questions

Your clients have questions about how laser therapy works. You have questions about incorporating therapeutic laser into your practice. From marketing your laser and treatment protocols to laser safety and addressing the most common questions from patients, you’ll find answers here in our K-Laser USA FAQs.

About K-Laser USA

K-Laser USA has earned worldwide recognition for our research, laser therapy products, and treatment solutions. Learn more about our company, our history, our team, and our mission.

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K-Laser US headquarters in Franklin TN

Do you want to schedule an in-house demo?

Learn first hand how our therapy lasers can help improve your practice. Contact us now and schedule an in-house demo!

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Training & Events

CE Event: Class 4 Laser Therapy in Clinical Practice

  • Dates: 29 Jul, 2019

Interactive class exploring laser fundamentals, advanced clinical applications and successful implementation.

You are invited to attend our upcoming K-Laser USA Advanced Training class. This half-day class will enhance your knowledge and understanding of laser therapy science and physiology. Improve your treatment techniques to expand your laser use to even more patients and conditions. And help you with implementation and patient/client communication.

This is a very thorough review focused on practical, clinically relevant information. It is open to all medical practitioners, technicians and office assistants. It does not matter which laser you have; whether you are currently using laser therapy (any brand of laser); or you are just considering adding laser therapy to your services.

There will be class time, question and answer, group discussion among the participants, treatment demonstrations, and hands-on practical application.


  • Brief review of laser physics and science
  • Practical information on laser-tissue interactions and laser therapy physiology
  • Optimal laser treatment techniques and protocols
  • Clinical applications
  • Contraindications and safety guidelines
  • Implementation, Marketing, Pricing

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