Advanced Training Program

K-Laser USA holds advanced training classes at our home office and remotely. Attendees acquire deeper knowledge of laser therapy science, physiology, safety, treatment techniques, case management and more. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as the class helps elevate laser utilization in the practice, proficiency in usage and clinical outcomes.

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K-Laser conducts many advanced training programs across the country
K-Laser provides marketing materials for all K-Laser providers to promote laser therapy

Marketing Resources and Tools

Promote to existing clients and gain new patients for high return on investment.

- Posters
- Postcards
- Brochures
- LED Board
- Social Media Content
- Press Release Examples
- Client Letters
- Custom Advertisements
- Consultation Forms and Treatment Charts

Continuing Education Program

Stay up-to-date on techniques and marketing practices.

- Webinars
- White Papers
- Case Studies
- Online Discussions
- Advanced Training Classes
- Online Training Modules, Including Laser Certification
K-Laser conducts many events that qualify for continuing education credits
K-Laser providers have access to a portal to get marketing, training, and education materials

Client Portal Access

Lifetime access to on-line resources to support your marketing and educational needs.

With access to K-Laser USA's online client portal you can download video, digital and print content. You can also view training, educational and instructional videos and gain access to practitioner forums.

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Spectrum iPad App

Combines training and education with the portability of an iPad.

The Spectrum iPad App is a very simple, effective and powerful tool to educate and communicate the benefits of laser therapy. It also serves as a virtual “handbook” for the doctor and staff, saving time and resources.

The Spectrum iPad App contains videos, testimonials, and infographics covering topics such as what is laser therapy, what can laser therapy treat, and other frequently asked questions. We explain the science in a way that is easy for your clients to understand, and our testimonials will motivate your clients to commit to laser therapy treatments.

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